Elevator Pitch

So... Not all ideas are worth the time it takes to type this. Others are just missed because we fail to take a look at things, life, habits, goals, etc... from other angles.

Imagine we are on an elevator together and you had to / got to listen to me tell you what we are up to. The doors are closing and we are about to have the awkward dance of deciding to talk or stare at the mirror. This is that fantasy scenario you didn't realize you were longing for.

We are putting together the PATH Church to be a place of hope in a crazy world which disappoints, to be a place of reconciliation for those feeling broken, and a place characterized by joy.

The PATH Church is made up of broken people and not one person will ever show up perfectly put together. We are wanting to be a place where no one feels like a project, but rather, a deeply loved child of God, full of potential and possibilities. We are wanting to be people loving those around us, even, if not especially, those who disagree with us.

We just want to be people LIVING , WALKING, and SHARING the love of Jesus in all aspects of life. We want to be doing this with everyone we come across, and as much as we can because everything else leaves us wanting.

Ding... It's hard to tell if that was a light bulb being lit in your head or just us arriving at the floor, or both.